What Shoes to Wear with Bootcut Jeans

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Bootcut Jeans: A Timeless Style

Shoes to wear with Bootcut jeans have a rich history. They originated in the 1960s and gained popularity in the 1970s as a symbol of casual yet chic fashion. They are characterized by a slightly flared leg that accommodates boots, hence the “bootcut.” Over the years, bootcut jeans have evolved in fit and washes, making them a timeless wardrobe essential.

Choosing the Right Shoes

When selecting shoes to wear with bootcut jeans, several factors come into play. First, consider the fit of the jeans. Bootcut jeans typically have a wider leg opening, so opt for shoes that complement this silhouette without overwhelming it. Secondly, keep proportion in mind. Balance the volume of the jeans with the style and height of your shoes for a harmonious look. Lastly, match the shoes to the occasion and overall outfit vibe.

Best Shoes to Wear with Bootcut Jeans

The following points to consider when choosing shoes to wear with bootcut jeans.

  1. Flats and Sandals: Pair bootcut jeans with flats or sandals for a casual, laid-back look. Ballet flats, espadrilles, or strappy sandals are excellent choices for a summery or relaxed outfit.
  2. Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are a classic choice that seamlessly transitions from day to night. Opt for sleek, low-heeled ankle boots in neutral tones for a timeless and versatile look.
  3. Heeled Boots: Elevate your style with heeled boots paired with bootcut jeans. Choose boots with a block heel or a stacked heel for added comfort and stability.
  4. Sneakers: Embrace the athleisure trend by pairing bootcut jeans with stylish sneakers. White sneakers or fashion-forward sneakers add a sporty-chic touch to your ensemble.
  5. Wedges: For those who prefer height with comfort, wedges are a great option. Wedge sandals or espadrilles provide lift while maintaining a relaxed and summery vibe.

Avoid These Shoe Styles

While there are many shoe options that complement bootcut jeans, some styles are best avoided:

  • Pointy-Toed Shoes: Pointy-toed shoes can create a disproportionate look with bootcut jeans, especially if the toe extends beyond the flare of the jeans.
  • Chunky or Heavy Shoes: Bulky or heavy shoes can weigh down the outfit and detract from the flowy silhouette of bootcut jeans.
  • Over-the-Knee Boots: Over-the-knee boots can compete with the flare of bootcut jeans, creating a crowded and unbalanced appearance.

Tips for Styling

tips for styling

To enhance your outfit when wearing bootcut jeans, consider these styling tips:

  • Choose Shoe Colors Wisely: Opt for shoe colors that complement the wash of your jeans. Neutral tones like black, brown, tan, and white are versatile options.
  • Experiment with Different Textures: Mix and match textures to add visual interest. Pair denim with leather, suede, or canvas shoes for a dynamic look.
  • Consider the Season and Weather: Choose appropriate shoes for the season and weather conditions. Boots are ideal for colder months, while sandals and sneakers are perfect for warmer days.


Can you wear heels with bootcut jeans?

Yes, heels, especially ankle boots and heeled boots, complement bootcut jeans well and add a touch of elegance.

Are sneakers suitable for wearing with bootcut jeans?

Absolutely! Sneakers, incredibly fashion-forward styles, can create a trendy and comfortable look with bootcut jeans.

Should bootcut jeans be hemmed for specific shoe heights?

To achieve the desired length and silhouette, it’s advisable to hem bootcut jeans based on the shoes you’ll primarily wear with them.

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